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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 9, 2009 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's a short story, a short read but a graelt read. also, how closely have you followed the world? test yourself. try our weekly quiz on thank you for being part of my program this week, and i will see you next week. part of an aircraft and more bodies are pulled from the hudson river. we'll have the latest on yesterday's shocking midair collision. after unleashing massive flooding in taiwan, a powerful typhoon batters eastern china. president obama is going on the road again. we'll tell you what he hopes to work out with the leaders of mexico and canada. hello, everyone, you're in the cnn newsroom.
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i'm fredricka whitfield. one day after a small plane collided with a new york sight-seeing helicopter, a section of aircraft has just been pulled out of the hudson river. also recovered, two more bodies. cnn national correspondent susan canada yoltty has more. >> sunday morning divers pulled up a fourth victim from the area where the debris is concentrated. the remains were carefully placed onto a stretcher and transferred to a waiting police boat. as additional bodies are being brought to the surface, they'll be taken to the medical examiner's office for identification and autopsies. divers also hoisted to the surface a sizable piece of metal, part of the helicopter's fuselage. the water is murky and the current is strong, making it tough for divers to find the small plane's wreckage. they can barely see two feet in front of them. sonar is helping. the ntsb is spending its first full day tracking down more witnesses and looking for
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possible video of the crash from buildings overlooking the hudson. >> this is a tragedy. having two aircraft collide over the hudson river and having no survivors is something that is very sad event. our charge is to find out what happened, and if we can make any recommendations to prevent this from happening again, that's why we're here. we need to see what the facts tell us, and if we have any immediate concerns, we'll get out with those to the public. >> reporter: a smael plane like this with, with a pilot his brother and brother's son took off on saturday and turned south over the hudson. at the same time, five italian tourists lifted off for a tour in a helicopter. >> there was a small plane like a cessna cutting back towards the new jersey side and the helicopter heading southbound. the plane rolled into the helicopter, hit the side of it. the helicopter went straight down in the water.
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there was like a poof of smoke and a bang, and the plane went further down and hit the water. >> i was very shocked. i think i was screaming for a few seconds, and then two of us called 911. >> reporter: italian tourists who stayed behind waiting for their friends and family were stunned. >> they told me that they had some relatives. but we don't know anything. >> reporter: the ntsb says just before the accident happened another pilot on the ground saw the plane approaching and tried to radio a warning to the helicopter pilot. there was no response. >> we'll have more from sudan codiotti momentarily. the plane was flown by 60-year-old steven altman from pennsylvania. the passengers were altman's brother daniel and daniel's 15-year-old son douglas. this video you're about to say
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of doug lass aultman is part of a tribute that his friends posted on youtube. they started a facebook page in his memory. our i-reporters are also staying top of this story. jim davidson sent these photos from the scene. he lived just a few blocks from the rifr on the new jersey side. he heard what sounded like a car backfiring or fireworks. he says he didn't think much of it until someone called to tell him about the crash. if you're a i-witness to news, sent it to a strong earthquake rattled tokyo and parts of eastern japan earlier today. there were no immediate reports of dangers or injuries. the u.s. gee logical survey measured the quake at 7.1 and said there was no threat of a tsunami. high-speed train service was halted but has since resumed. officials retook control of a california prison after a riot
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sent 40 inmates to the hospital in chino. a housing unit was set on fire as you see there. the injuries range from stab wounds to head trauma. 80 officers responded to the riots. none of them was hurt. the medium security prison is 35 miles east of los angeles and houses about 1400 inmates. a similar riot broke out there in december of 2006. we're watching the white house right now where president obama is about to leave for mexico at a summit with canadian and mexican leaders. up for discussion at this summit, trade, immigration, and drug trafficking. elaine is at the white house. elaine, at the top of this list, a whole lot of subjects that they want to try and tackle. what's at the top? >> reporter: that's right. a number of pressing issues. first of all, it's a very quick trip. the president is actually due back here in washington tomorrow
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night. excuse the ringing phone here in the booth, fredricka. this is, obviously, a chance for the leaders of these three countries to sit down and talk about pressing issues. at the top of the agenda is the h1n1 virus. all three countries looking ahead at prepping for what could be an outbreak come this full. this is an opportunity for the countries to talk about how they are all preparing for that and to coordinate their efforts on that front. also, the economic recovery. because they're so closely tied economically through trade, this is a chance for the leaders of mexico and canada to get an update from president obama on what the financial picture in the united states looks like right now and also what it looks like going forward. finally, climate change and clean energy. experts say that mexico has really tried to take a leadership role when it comes to this issue in international climate talks. mexico has really gotten out there to try and essentially
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pave the way and talk about how it as a developing country can work to get clean energy technologies. that's, of course, a big interest to the united states as these climate issues come to the forefront in the obama administration. they're expected to do so this fall when congress gets back. obviously, this is something that the white house has a great deal of interest in, wanting to see a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. fredricka. >> sthoonthanks so much at the house. the president making his way to mexico today. the focus over the next few days will be as elaine said on the xheb of the u.s. and its neighbors to the north and south. tomorrow he'll continue to meet with mexican and canadian leaders and then tuesday another town hall meeting on health care back in this country in portssmith, new hampshire. wednesday the president hosts a white house reception for the new supreme court justice, son yea sotomayor.
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let's talk severe weather now. felicia downgraded to a tropical storm. severe storms hammering the midwest. let's check in with jacqui jeras in our severe weather center. >> we have a lot of extreme weather today, and we want to start out oversees because a very devastates situation is going on in taiwan and china both. let's check out these pictures that we have out of taiwan where a tropical system has been producing some torrential downpours. there you can see the pictures of this. believe it or not, they have had as much as 7 feet of rain. there you can see a hotel that was actually toppled over due to some unsettled ground from the waves and the saturated ground and the heavy rainfall in that area. this is the worst flooding that taiwan has seen in 50 years. thousands of people have been stranded in their villages as
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they've been cut off by the water. dozens are missing and feared dead. that typhoon today is pounding the coast of china forcing the million to flee to safety. it is moving up to the north and it's weakening packing winds now of 74 miles per hour. but it's expected to bring some very heavy rain to shanghai. back here at home, still in the pacific, we're dealing with a much tamer storm here. this is tropical storm felicia. it's over 500 miles away from hawaii right now. this was a dangerous, powerful category 4 storm at one time and now it's packing winds of 55 miles per hour. you can see it's weakening as it pushes off to the west and approaching the hawaiian isla s islands. official forecast brings this storm very near or over the islands late monday into tuesday. however, at this time we don't think winds will be a major threat. we're more concerned about flooding, flash flood watches are posted across all of the
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hawaiian islands where several inches of rainfall can be expected. you're very prone in this area to some flooding. in addition to that, very high surf, and that's pushing in today. many of the local beaches have already closed. let's talk a little bit about what's go on with thunderstorms across the continental united states. we've had severe weather going on across parts of iowa towards the chicagoland area. we have some severe weather over here across upstate new york. this complex is pushing down towards the south and east and will likely make its way into the bigger cities later on tonight. be aware of that threat. last but not least we have heat to talk about. the temperatures just soaring here across the plains. we're looking for heat indices well into the 90s today. that includes chicago down towards indianapolis and the heat spreads east for tomorrow. we have excessive heat warnings in place already for philadelphia. it's going to be feeling like 100 to 105 degrees on monday and
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tuesday. >> at least in chicago, 90 degrees will feel nice at the beach today, huh? >> 90 on the thermometer, maybe. if you like the heat. >> if it's lakeside, we call it surf, right? >> that's when you want to be outside in my book. >> sure. >> thanks a lot. appreciate that. a popular tourist destination in spain rocked by several bombings. police knew what they were up against. we'll tell you how. it's the chevy open house. and now, with the cash for clunkers program, a great deal gets even better. let us recycle your older vehicle and you could qualify for an additional $3500 or $4500 cash back on a new, more fuel-efficient chevy. your chevy dealer has more eligible models to choose from. more than ford, toyota, or honda. now get an '09 cobalt for under fifteen-five after all offers. and get it for even less if you qualify for cash for clunkers program. go to for details.
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one day of a small plane collided with a new york sight-seeing helicopter, five bodies have been recovered from the hudson river. what's going on there now? >> reporter: fredricka, divers continue to be hard at work as they have for the past several hours. they've already recovered three more bodies for a total of five. so five out of nine victims have been brought up from the bottom of the hudson river at this time. the bodies recovered so far, those victims are believed to have come from the helicopter wreckage, because that is the aircraft that authorities believe they have been able to locate and are convinced of that, as a matter of fact, at the bottom of the hudson river. so far they continue to look for any sign of that small plane that was carrying three people, the pilot, his brother, and that brother's son. in other words, the nephew of
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the pilot. still trying to locate that using all kinds of methods including sonar to try to determine exactly where that is. also earlier as we have mentioned, they've brought up both a small piece of the helicopter and a much larger piece, which was picked up with cranes. they moved that piece over to a pier in the area for further examination. of course, identification of the bodies of the victims still has to be done, and that's going to be a difficult procedure. we've also learned that the -- most of the italian tourists who were here, some relatives of the victims and some friends are beginning to make their way back to italy. some of them staying behind to assist the police in trying to identify the dead. a lot of things still going on. conditions that the divers are working in still very difficult. although the winds are not very high, it is very difficult to see below water. we hear that maybe two feet visibility below. i talked with the u.s. coast
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guard about the channels. apparently the channel is believed to be at its lowest at about 4:00 this afternoon, so that might be the optimum time for divers to do their work. generally think end their work at about sundown each day for safety reasons. this afternoon the national transportation safety board is planning to hold a news conference. we will bring that to you live for the latest information they have about this terrible accident. >> thanks so much. appreciate that. a string of bombings rocked a popular tourist destination in spain today. two bombs exploded at two restaurants at the island of myorka. no one was hurt. a third bomb was diffused near by. it comes hours after eta claimed
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responsibility for several other bombings that killed three people earlier this summer. despite widespread rumors about his health, north korean leader kim yong il still is in firm control. that's the conclusion of u.s. national security adviser james jones following former bill clinton's talks with kim last week. >> we can also report that the president did -- the former president did spend time with the korean leader. he appeared to be in control of his government and his -- he sounded very -- very reasoned in terms of his conversations. his health is a big issue, but obviously, we didn't have any time to make an assessment there. he seems in control of his faculties, and the former president was able to engage him on a number of subjects. as you know, he had a very good relationship with his father
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when the president was in office, so he was able to convey his own -- his personal views with regard to the importance of the issues of the moment, which is making sure that nuclear weapons do not appear on the korean peninsula. >> former president clinton was in north korea to win the freedom of two imprisoned american journalists. the white house continues to deny that clinton passed any official messages to kim. so the bank is foreclosing on the house? let them eat cake? she'll bake it. it worked for this woman. she'll explain the secrets of her success. (music plays)
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saving your home for foreclosure? for one woman it was a piece of cake. allan chernoff explains. >> reporter: actress angela logan has played many roles. she's studying to be a nurse. when she recently fell into foreclosure on her new jersey home, she turned to baking. >> it was desperation. i thought, wow, we can sell these cakes. they're so good. >> reporter: the marnl reason she fell into a cash squeeze,
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two years ago she hired a contractor to ren notiovate the house. he took his money but only did a portion of the work. to save her home she set a goal of selling 100 mortgage apple cakes in ten days at $40 each. she asked everyone she knew to buy a cake. >> the hardest part was to say, can you buy my cakes? this is my problem. >> reporter: a local hilton hotel offered its kitchen so angela could bake faster. she's baked about 200 cakes double her goal. by qualifying by the federal make home affordable program, her monthly mortgage payment is dropping by nearly 20%. other americans in a financial bind she says can find creative answers to their cash crunch. >> find something that you can do will help. i can paint fences, you know. who needs one? >> reporter: almost any talent can generate extra cash. teaching a skill like playing an instrument, home repairs for
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those who are handy, or dog walking or pet sitting for animal lovers. internet retailer bake me a wish got a whiff of the mortgage apple cake and is greasing pans to mass-produce it and share the proceeds with angela. a whole line of cakes is planned. escaping foreclosure could propel her to a new career as the queen of cakes. back in her kitchen, she still studies nursing, knowing from experience never to depend upon just one roll. allan chernoff, cnn, new jersey. homes, cars, jobs. have we turned the corner on the economy as president obama said last week? that's our topic for full hour at 4:00 eastern time today. is the worst behind us? the white house says yes, and already many of you are commenting on facebook and on my blog. inez writes my thought is many
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exhausted their benefits or taken part-time jobs to make ends meet, which is not reflected in the unemployment figures. ken says -- >> and then larry writes -- >> thanks so much for your thoughts. we continue to hear from you throughout the day. we want to hear from you, is the worst behind us? join us on our facebook page or my blog, and then, of course, tune in at 4:00 eastern time right here. violence on our border with mexico. the result of a trafficking of drugs and guns. this will be just one of the topics president obama will discuss at a summit in mexico. michael ware reports live from guadalajara in a few minutes. a day lot of kids are dreading. tomorrow many head back to school. with the new school year is new
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guidelines for swine flu as well. eelizabeth cohen explains. >> reporter: it's the first week of classes as freedom middle school in canton, georgia and the principal has the hand sanitizer ready. >> we wanted to make sure that we were doing everything to protect our students and our employees. >> reporter: schools around the country are preparing for swine flu. some 700 schools closed down last spring because of h1n1 outbreaks. friday the centers for disease control issued these guidelines for schools. students who have had h1n1 should only return to school when they've been fever-free for 24 hours. schools should encourage hand washing and reps to her etiquet etiquette, meaning coughing or sneezing in your sleeve. it will be up to schools to decide if they want to close down. at the cdc news conference they made it clear schools should do what they can to stap open. >> it's clear that closure of
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schools is rarely indicated even if h1n1 is in the school. >> reporter: at freedom middle school they know what to do if a child becomes sick at school. >> the first thing would be to ask them in. i would have them in my office and shut them in my office and use the phone from the front desk. they would lay here until their parent picks them up. >> they hope isolation, hand washes and disinfection will keep the virus at bay. >> if we close the school, we would look to see that at least 10% to 20% of our population was out. >> reporter: at this school that would mean about 100 kids sick with h1n1. the federal government hopes a vaccine is available by mid-hokt and school children are at the to have the list to get it. >> we don't know how bad this will be. >> reporter: elizabeth cohen, cnn, atlanta. ever worn your clothes in the shower?
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now an i couldn't tell date on top stories. president obama left for mexico. the agenda includes drug violence, the environment and, of course, the economy. a powerful typhoon blamed for at least 2 deaths in taiwan and eastern china and has taken one life there. winds were clocked at 73 miles per hour. houses have been destroyed and streets flooded. you see it right there as well. the search continues in the hudson river in new york city and new jersey. a plane collided with a sight-seeing helicopter yesterday. two more bodies were pulled out of the river today. five bodies in all have been recovered. authorities believe four more bodies remain in the river. earlier today cnn discussed yesterday's collision with
2:31 pm
debbie hearstman of the national transportation safety board. >> the rules vary. we need to look at this air space as very complex. they're a vfr corridor along the hudson river, and the helicopter would have been operating within those rules. so we need to see what those rules are and if they were complying with those rules, and if the environment if in your vfr corridor. there's a lot of restriblcted a space around the airports. there are four major airports in the immediate vicinity. we need to check and see what the aircraft that departed, what rules they were operating under and what their altitude requirements were. >> transportation safety board is scheduled to hold a news conference at 4:00 p.m. eastern today. a tragic end to a police chase near fresno, california. authorities say a car fleeing
2:32 pm
police officers ran a stop sign, then slammed into a pickup truck. four young children in the truck were killed along with three people in the car. officials say the chase began after the car was refused to stop for a traffic violation. president obama is on his way to mexico. he boarded air force one moments ago after departing marine one tr there. he's expected to meet with mexico's president later today. a host of issues are expected to be discussed, including drug violence along the border. in guadalajara right now is cnn's michael ware. he spent a lot of time covering the drug wars in that country. what kind of support in this drug war will mexico most likely ask for? >> reporter: well, they're certainly going to ask for the delivery of the promised aid
2:33 pm
money under the initiative, which has guaranteed $1.4 billion to mexico over three years. now, some of that money is currently being held up in congress. they'd certainly like to see that freed up. there's a whole host of issues involved here. in supporting president caldron's war on the drug cartels here, and that includes even just the delivery of promised helicopters. the mexican government has committed more than 40,000 army soldiers to the streets of its own cities. so bad has this drug war become. indeed, we've seen last month alone there's been a spike in violence here in this country. 850 mexicans died in drug-related violence in july just itself. the drug war is definitely in full throes and the mexican government is all bullet
2:34 pm
fighting it on its a. just a few million dollars in aid from the united states each year simply is not enough to support the mexican government. the mexican government will be looking for a lot more from president obama. fredricka. >> these are going to be tough discussions that take place in so little time during the president's visit. thank you for your report from gad har ra. dozens are feared dead in northern india after a massive landslide slammed over three villages decimating two. at least 15 bodies have been pulled from the debris and many were swept into the river. weeks of heavy rain triggered these mudslides. felicia is yow downgraded to a tropical storm but heading toward hawaii. >> fredricka, we have some concerns there for the hawaiian islands, especially for you traveling, whether you're going the airways, delays over the next couple of days. if you're heading to the beach, that could be problematic as the waves ahead of this system are
2:35 pm
already pounding the hawaiian coast. a lot of the beaches have been closed down for this afternoon. felicia is a tropical storm now. this was once a formidable hurricane, a category 4 at one time. it's great it's weakening and we think tm continue to do that. we have strong winds here, so wind shear is breaking down the storm a little bit as well. the farther west is goes, the cooler the water temperatures are. they're a little marginal to support a system like this. we think you'll feel the impacts in addition to the waves, some heavy rainfall and flash flood watches are posted across the islands for several inches. that will continue monday and tuesday, possibly into wednesday. there you can see that forecast track, and still a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not it's going to be a direct hit. but we think rain will be the biggest concern as we head into the week. now, the atlantic has been crazy quiet thursday far into the season, but we keep our eye on
2:36 pm
one suspect off the cape verde islands so far. it's an area of low pressure. maybe a 50% chance of it developing into a tropical depression or tropical storm until the upcoming days. elsewhere across the country, the other issues are stormy conditions across parts of the midwest and into the northeast. they use a lot of caution, hail and damaging winds are the primary concern into chicago we think a couple hours from now you will see a few delays. fredricka. >> always on sunday for those monday back-to-work week travelers. >> or back to school. back to school tomorrow! >> i know. you're so excited about that. you're kids are back to school. very good, appreciate it. refuelling the cash for clunkers program. there's more money for rebates. we have expert advice on how to get the best deals and find out who needs to stay away from the car dealerships.
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another $2 billion for the
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cash for clunkers program. congress has approved it. president obama has signed it. will it remain popular with car buyers? i checked in with earl stewart a toyota dealer in florida that we talked to before and also jeri willis. >> we're checking back with earl stewart, a toyota dealer in florida who is selling a lot of cars under this program. he's joined by jeri willis in new york who has advice for consumers. you enjoyed the last month of huge sales, really xiding your 2008 sales. now that they're additional money in the fank for this cash for clunkers, what do you expect the next month to be like? >> it started out like we couldn't believe. we had a showroom full of people this morning. i thought there might be a little slump because people are rushing in in anticipation of
2:41 pm
perhaps the senate not passing. with the new $2 billion we're still busy. our august is off to a record. we've sold about 50% of the cars that we would normal sell in the month of august in the first six days. >> interesting. so people are ready to buy. they lined up as early as this morning, not necessarily just to look but they're qualifying and have the cash or money in hand to actually get a new vehicle? >> yeah. one of the most surprising things about this whole program to me was so many people with the clunkers with the older low-priced cars that have good credit. there are a lot of cash buyers, too. we're having almost every clunker prospect, people that come in, qualify to buy either pay cash or get the financing. >> initially you were skeptical about this program, weren't you? >> that's exactly the reason why. i aern driving a 1,000 or $600 car you wonder how good their credit is in these were second and third cars, sometimes cars given to grandchildren and children which are still in
2:42 pm
their name. now they can take the car back from the grandchild and trade it in for a brand-new car for the grandchild. >> what do you expect this month to be like? until labor day, possibly the money, the $2 billion extra will allow folks to take advantage of the opportunity over the next four weeks. are you afraid the money might run out and you'll be inundated with too many customers? >> i'm afraid of that. the pay started out too fast. it's too soon to say. if it continues at the pace we've seen today, it won't last until labor day. it will it be out well before that. we're exceeding the pace we did when the program first started. >> okay. jeri, into the equation there. there are unintended risks here, right? we heard initially he was a little concerned that a lot of people couldn't qualify. in fact, many customers could qualify. so what are the other risk science. >> i have to tell you, it's all about the money, and that's what i'm focusing on. cash for clunkers can give you a
2:43 pm
nice boost to get a more efficient car. no matter what the incentsive is, you have to make sure you can afford the new car in a first place. if you buy a car average price tag is $26,000. let's say you get the most you can from the government, $4500. that reduces your cost to 21,500 bucks. if you finance it over four years, you pay 7% interest, your monthly amount is 514 just for the car. you have to be able to make sure you can afford it. something you can really take advantage of. remember, cars aren't like houses. they don't increase in value over time. they get into accidents. you don't know for sure if it will be around another 20 years. it's a product that's constantly losing value. the idea is don't overextend yourself and maybe sure you can afford that. i'm sure there are people out there that can take advantage of that. there are also those that are involved in the program now who maybe shouldn't be extending
2:44 pm
themselves ritd now. >> perhaps you have advice for folks who are anxious to hit the dealership this is weekend. >> number one, don't buy a car within your budget limitations. let's face it, $26,000 is a whole lot of money. you can get a honda fit for about half the cost. negotiate with the dealer. last time earl and i were speaking together, he said negotiate. because you're getting incentives from the government, that's no reason to think you can't haggle on price and maybe sure you look at the dealerships offering incentives on top of what uncle sam is offering. >> earl, before i let you go. what are the questions that some of the customers are asking you, and are they negotiating? >> yes. they're negotiating, but let me say, i agree with the former comments here, because i don't think they're negotiating hard enough. there should get xlee competitive bids on the car one thing is keep the clunker out the equation.
2:45 pm
don't tell them about the clunker trade-in. when they see $4500, it's profit to him. negotiate for the car if you weren't going to trade in a vehicle. then when you get the best price after getting three competitive bids, then spring the clunker on them and say, okay, here's my qualified clunker. take another $4500 off the price. >> you're looking out for your customers. earl stewart and jeri willis there. president obama says the worst of the recession maybe behind us. josh is already hearing from you and so am i on facebook and blog. we'll have a lot of people's xhepts and questions in our 4:00 eastern hours. >> you were talking about a news conference. we have a busy 4:00 hour today. we're going to get revved up for this. we know we're hearing this all the time. i have people writing in with lots of questions and commentses. we want to get to as many of
2:46 pm
your questions as possible. the easiest way to send the questions is at is it the economy bottoming out? it's the first thing you see. you get a chance to pop in there, send us your questions as well. go over to my screen. we have everything going on facebook and twitter. both cadon't forget the s in my names. there you go. what we do, i was looking through them. we don't need to read them all right now. they're coming in like crazy. lots of comments and questions, and what we want to do is get through as many as possible. one of the biggest topics is jobs. so look at like there. we will get through as many as we can in the 4:00 hour. >> people are saying good. unemployment rate down a tiny notch, but still, where are the jobs for those who are looking?
2:47 pm
>> that's what they're asking. >> thanks so much, josh. 4:00 eastern time. congress is in its recess. voters are on the offensive over health care reform. for clunkers program, a great deal gets even better. let us recycle your older vehicle, and you could qualify for an additional $3500 or $4500 cash back... on top of all other offers.. on a new, more fuel efficient chevy. your chevy dealer has more eligible models to choose from - more than ford, toyota, or honda. so save gas... and money... now during the chevy open house. go to for details.
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an update now on what's taking place over the hudson river there. susan candiotti is there with an update. >> reporter: for the first time we hear from the new york police department that they believe they've found the wreckage the small plane or at least some of it. it appears to be in two different areas. that's what police are telling us. one section just north of where the helicopter was found and another small er field of debri nearby. there's another new piece of information we can confirm from police. that's when the rhelicopter
2:51 pm
lifted out, a large piece by crane and brought it over to the pier, that is because they believe that that section might contain about two more of the victims that were inside that helicopter. if that proves to be true, that would bring to six the total victims found from the helicopter, and that's the total number of people aboard including the pilot and the five italian tourists. more to come as the day goes on. >> so terribly sad. thanks so much. appreciate that. congress is on its recess. and voters are on the offensive. and august is shaping up to be a make-or-break month for health care reform. in arizona protestors railed about it. they say the rooemps are too costly and too intrucive. the democratic leaders counter
2:52 pm
that. the protests are staged by republicans to sabotage efforts to explain president obama's health care plan. they're making their voices heard as well. they clashed with opponents in memphis yesterday at a town hall meeting with steve cohen. health care reform wasn't even on the agenda, but in the end that was all anybody wanted to talk about. >> i don't think people should be penalized because of pre-existing illness. he really don't. i think health care should be a universal right. >> police called in extra help to handle the crowd of about 500. a 92-year-old oregon man goes to the hospital complaining of dizziness, and in then leaves with what he calls a miracle from god. >> the doctor wanted to give me some more tests, and isz, you know, i think i see.
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
this is one of our favorite moments of a sunday. you're in on the chat as well. >> not only is it one of my favorite segments, this is one of my favorite chat room
2:56 pm
stories. >> you tell everybody about it. >> hopefully dike it. we have a little sound bite from this guy. listen to it. a 92-year-old man in portland, oregon who is legally blind who regained his sight. he suffered from macular degeneration and couldn't see for years and years. he went to the emergency room after he felt dizzy and collapsed and all of a sudden he said he could see again. >> oh, i see everything. i see a car is there, the building here, the tree there. i like to look at the women. i'm looking for a nice gal about, oh, no younger than 75. i like going on walks, too. >> so, sweet. >> i'm not trying to rob the cradle here. she has to be at least 70. >> and has to walk. he said he was looking forward to being more active. he said he didn't know why god blessed him this way, but he doesn't want to sleep because he wants to see everything. >> he wants to catch up on
2:57 pm
everything. >> he's all teared up. this has changed this man's life. >> it's a sweet story. however, because it is serious, what happened? he's going to a number of other doctor examinations. they want to try to get to the bottom of it. >> try to help other people if they can. >> it's very unusual. congrats to him. glad he can see now. a lot of followings had a great time this summer planning their vacations and a lot of folks did staycations because it's too expensive to get away. for anyone who wants to get out there and partake in a luxury resort and hoelgs even, san diego, it's only $1900 a room. there's a catch. that tent? you got to bring it. it's b.y.o.t. and b.y.o.t., bring your own tent and toilet papers. you get to indulge in all the amen nilts. >> you have a spa and restaurants. >> wait a minute. i'm intryinged?
2:58 pm
it's rancho bernardo inn in san diego. they have everything, spa, dining, golf. you can enjoy all of that, $19 a night. you have to bring your own tent. >> that tent was inside. you don't have to sleep outside? >> no. you get a room. >> you have to share? >> we should probably call them to find out. >> i want to know. >> maybe they're trying to cut down on housekeeping so if you don't have to wash the sheets. i don't know. >> let's hear what someone has to say about this in san diego. >> it started with easy stuff, towels and sheets and pillows. there's a little savings. we get more and more carried away. what about the air-conditioning and water? eventually we came down to let's take everything out including the bed. >> so there's no bed. no you know. >> here's incentive. a lot of times hotels, companies offer great deals like this because they figure you might
2:59 pm
not have the money right now. if you like it this much when you have a little windfall, you may come back. this is a really smart marketing tool that this in is -- >> would you do it? >> let me think about this. >> you could bring your own air mattress. >> one thing that i like about going to, you know, a destination is you want to sleep on a nice bed. >> it's a beautiful place and all that. i'm fairly adventurous. i don't know if i want to sleep in the tent. maybe i have to find a really comfortable sleeping bag. >> all right. maybe i'll do it. 19 bucks. >> all right. >> i had to think about this one. >> did you hear about this, speaking of doggone. did you hear that your dog might be smarter than your kid? >> that's what i hear. my dog is quite smart. i think all dogs are smart, though. >> depends on the breed, so they say. a researcher said that the average dog caner


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